YUE (formerly known as Masako Natsume & Erena Natsume), is a wrestler for the BWP organization.

Considered by many to be the "ace" of BATTLE and BWP, YUE has won more matches and faced more opponents than virtually anyone in the pro-style catfight world.

She is the first and only wrestler to hold a "double title" of two belts multiple times. After already holding the Fighting Girls Championship, YUE became the first BWP Champion in March, 2017. She later equaled the feat by defeating Saryu Usui in a double title match in May, 2018 – winning the SSS Championship for the first time, while still holding the BWP belt.

YUE started her career in Fighting Girls, and along with Hitomi Aragaki & Mao Kaneshiro is considered one of the top 3 competitors in that organization's history.

She is one of the tallest wrestlers in competition, at 5 ft 6 in tall (167 cm).

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