Waka Ninimiya is a wrestler for the BATTLE organization. She debuted in December of 2017, and has the nickname "Miss Perfect."

In her first year as a competitor, Ninomiya won the 2018 Extreme Tournament. However, in her title match she lost to Misa Suzumi, becoming the first Extreme Tournament winner to lose in her title match.

After suffering a losing streak at the end of 2018, Ninomiya had an eventful start to 2019. In January, 2019 she entered the 3rd White Swimsuit Summit tournament to re-ignite her feud with Miko Komine, becoming the first outsider to compete in the CF x FC event.

In February 2019, Ninomiya challenged for the vacant Masters Championship after the retirement of Misa Suzumi. She defeated Hana Misora in the championship match, and became the 5th competitor to hold the Masters belt.

Ninomiya is known for her flexibility, and utilizes a high number of bridges in her offense for throws, pins, & submissions.

Masters Champions
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Extreme Tournament Champions
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