Ririka Hoshikawa (formerly known as Madoka Hitomi) is a wrestler for the BATTLE organization. She is considered one of the top competitors in the pro-style catfight world.

Hoshikawa is a former B-1 Champion, and won the 5th B-1 Tournament in 2016.

Quick Facts


Madoka Hitomi made her debut with the Fighting Movies organization in Women's Pro Wrestling Vol. 5 on June 6, 2014 at the age of 21, defeating Tomoka Aizawa.

Following the match, she would be inactive for over 2 years.

Madoka debut-0

Hitomi defeated Tomoko Aizawa in her debut match for FIghting Movies


After two years of inactivity, Hitomi made her return to the Pro-Style Catfight scene by joining BATTLE and entering the 2016 B-1 Tournament.

She started the tournament with a victory over Nozomi Shinjo to advance to the semifinals.

After the impressive "re-debut" she was subsequently scheduled for a major event – a non-title match against then Fighting Girls Champion, YUE at the 2016 BATTLE Birth Festival.

YUE arm choke

YUE performs an arm choke on Hitomi at the 2016 BATTLE Birth Festival

As a heavy underdog, Hitomi gave YUE a competitive match and nearly won at several times. In the end the champion would prevail, but Hitomi's performance impressed, and showed glimpses of being a future star.

Rise to Stardom

Hitomi took the momentum from her strong showing against YUE into a victory in the B-1 Tournament semifinals against Rino Mizushiro.

That set her up for a huge month of December, where she would face Sena Minami in a special match ahead of BWP 01 LIVE, and face Natsuki Yokoyama in the B-1 Tournament finals.

Just like her special match against YUE in August, Hitomi came into her bout against Minami as an underdog. Despite taking the brunt of the "Suplex Monster's" offense, Hitomi scraped out the most impressive victory of her career at that point.

Madoka octopus

Madoka performs an octopus stretch on Sena Minami

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